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 It's been a while ...

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PostIt's been a while ...

It's been a while since I updated my food blog or been on Atlantica for that matter. Shocked pale

The summer is almost over for me. I start school again this Thursday the ... 23rd? I'm trying to get a job at Macy's at the cosmetic counter or
retail area, though who knows how that will go. I get a 20% off discount (yea!). If I get the job.

Anyway - Shiho came over last week and on impulse we took a six hour trip ... more like seven ... down to anaheim and stayed at the California
Adventure Hotel, which was pretty nice. The nicest part was no children because school had already started.

Shiho is a friend from Shizuoka which is a prefecture near Tokyo, they are famous for their green tea. It's the area I did a sort of
student exchange in back a couple years ago. Anyway she was working up in Alaska so she came down and spent some time
in our house. I was sort of sad because while she was here I barely ate any asian food, so I was sort of depleted.

After she came from the airport we went shopping at Market street for like five or six hours ... our parking bill was like 21.00 >.>
and then the next day we did this solano stroll thing which is basically just walking up and down 26 blocks of crowded streets
then we went to disneyland for three days.
So my legs now basically don't work and if i hear the word shopping I may pass out.
As usual in DIsneyland I bought a bunch of things that I'll look completely ridiculous wearing, such as in the picutre below, minnie mouse ears ...
I also got a visor hahahaha, i''ll wear that ... and these plaid mickey mouse shorts because it was so hot.

So that was my eventful event of the summer. Though really - three days in disneyland and california adventure is way too long, and space mountain was
closed like always. I swear I've been to disneyland a lot in my life yet have only rode space mountain a couple of times.

We took a picture with Mickey, because Shiho wanted to take pictures wiht all the characters, but seriously - the guy is a
huge pedo inside and so is the photographer. While I waited in line and watched him pose with the little girls
I really wanted to step out of line, but Shiho didn't want to take the picture alone.
So they take like two minutes per little girl and like 20 photos, yet when we got there Mickey sort of stood nonchalantly and the photographer
took one photo and shooed us off.

Anyway -

Pooh bear was the nicest. Except that all the disney characters like leaned down to take photos with us making us feel short, except for minnie
she was the only normal sized person.

Anyway -
school is starting soon ... i'm sort of feeling melancholy. But I guess I should be happy I have something to do now.
I'm only doing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays now - yay!

Does anyone rememeber Azumangadaioh - there is this girl Osaka ha, and when she first comes they have her speak in her kansai dialect
Shiho is from that area now since she goes to college there, and she taught me some cool osaka speech haha.

anyway - that made me happy.

I'm going back to my apartment today, my new one that I haven't spent much time in -

Oh ... the last photo will probably be my favorite FAVORITE food peking duck - which sadly I can't really eat much of anymore.
Since I found out I'm allergic to gluten ... on top of recently becoming lactose and tolerant ... which is probably a result of just
eating too much cereal and smores. So maybe my food blog will be really sad from now on .. but perhaps my stomach will thank me?

I want to visit Hong Kong next if I can travel!!!

OMG ... last time we went to eat Chinese food, my dad ordered this salted fish and minced pork .... - DON"T ORDER OKAY!! I almost died because of
the smell.

Hopefully see you soon - (on AO).


They only had original!! I really wanted mine filled with chocolate. Sad

I think this is my favorite combination ... kiwi and oreos. I tried this frozen yogurt from Trader Joes ... it's bad. pretty bad.
and don't eat their sushi ... it's not really sushi ...

Best cheese ever!! It's just like smearing cheesy butter on crackers!!

My dad said these are good cheese crackers ... but eh ... I guess. They are really thin ... but even stale they taste the same haha.
I call them naruto crackers cause they have that naruto swirl thing like on fish cakes komuboku haha. hahah ... sigh.
I make so many jokes and no one laughs.

I'm all for tofu and maguro .. but perhaps I should keep them separate. I am the type of person who really doesn't like
fushion foods. I need all my different food groups separately, this made me feel sort of sick after. It seemed interesting to
order ... but ... yeah. no no

I've been getting bored of ordering just sake nigiri and maguro nigiri everytime I eat out at Japanese so I've been trying different rolls.
But I think the best is dragon roll. But it's different everywhere I go.
Actually I have to visit my doctor because last night I went out and got really sick.
So maybe less raw fish for me in the future.

Everyone else's food is always better! I always order something and end up eating other people's food. This isn't mine but I ate most of it
its curry croquette. I should work on my at home croquettes ...

I didn't eat him!! But i really really really wanted to buy him. But i don't recommend dogs if you want to have a life. We have to schedule
our classes around our dog. And I have to figure out what to do when I get a part time job because he is so whiny. >.> sigh.

I didn't eat this either ... some toyota tundra truck did >.>
That used to be my car until the entire front was crushed and moved around.
Don't let others drive your car, okay. It might end up like this >.>

I seriously started to get used to the agar agar they gave us at the end of meals, but then after i saved room to eat it, they brought out this
mango fish. >.> which I didn't really like. Then last time they gave us red bean soup ... which is okay. I normally like it, but
I was ready for my agar agar.

Shiho is like a chocoholic so when she came we went to cocoa bella in the mall. They have really good chocolates.
This is the box of chocolates I chose. Somehow it ended up really green. I actually didn't get to eat more than half of the truffle
because when I returned to my box later at home they were all gone.

On the sixth floor of the hotel at disney california is this concierge lounge ... which i kept calling connoisseur lounge >.>
shows how intelligent I am. but in the morning they served like .. fruit and chocolate croissants ... which i ended up not being able to eat
then later tea time, which are these sandwhiches ... then wine and cheese ... but just soda and crackers for underaged kids like me ... (5 months then
I can enjoy!) ... then they have like story book time ha, I was going to stay around and listen to stories and they set up pillows and stuff .. but I felt
sort of embarassed there were only kids ... they serve like chocolate chip cookies and milk .. while the parents sit around drinking beer ...
anyway then they do dessert ... so you can actually avoid eating out if you just get the free food they give you. I took like 20 honey jars, a bunch
of uncrustables ... and a few bottles of diet coke ... our fridge broke ... so I hope they didn't question why I had so much stolen food in my fridge when
they looked haha. >.>

This should have been good ... but it was so undercooked. I got really sick later.

This was the breakfast ha. See how ugly it looks when I organize it myself.

These are some minnie ears cute huh? I can use them to be a panda. And some jellybeans .. because I need my regular sugar helping ...
or I might pass out from too much walking around the park.

This was my favorite meal, it was like at a New Orleans place in Downtown DIsney. This is a soup trio.
I normally don't like cheesy soups ... but the cheese one was the best. '

This was the wine and cheese stuff ... but I only ate the cheese and vegetables ... because the crackers have gluten in them >.>
but it's okay.

We ate at the rainforest cafe .. which i had never eaten at before and I had to order this cup! But seriously they make these flashy cups
but they only serve alchoholic drinks in them ... and the guy is like where is your ID ... and I was like can't you just not put the vodka in? And
he is like, i'll just put some pink lemonade in this cup kay? Sigh. Okay. Cause the regular drink was like pomegranate and all this other good stuff ...
but ya. Not the best food, and not so quiet, but I love my cup.


Before we dropped Shiho off at SFO we went to try dimsum .. or as she calls it .. yamucha which is just dim sum in Japanese.
We normally eat at places around our house so we barely try dimsum out in SF. But it was pretty good.

One of my favorites. They make them fresh when you order so it's really good.

I want to make this at home but my mom said I won't be able to so easily >.>

I think this is easy to make at home.

My beloved peking duck ...

Double yolk!! This is from the place that made me really sick. >.>

Back to my apartment where my food of choice used to be cup of noodles >.> but now will probably be
gluten free crackers, and lots of rice. >.>

OH I will put this in for funny ha.
I would prefer I looked better and not so spacy, but that is me wiht the high score! hoho, actually it's pretty low
considering the high score is like 1million something. this is the buzz lightyear astroblasters .. I had never gone on it before
but it was actually pretty fun.

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It's been a while ... :: Comments

Re: It's been a while ...
Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 2:19 am  Kanaka
lol, i was just creeping on your pictures and took note of the comments on the ones i was intrigued by.
i have to agree, all the mascots at any of the theme parks are generally pedos. everyone and their parents know that Razz

the last picture i thought was pretty cute. clearly you were a gamer and your friend was not

i've never been to disneyland and someday i'll go to disney japan XD. how does it compare to disney world?

and where do you go find all those fancy looking foods o.o

and good luck on getting a job at macy's! i recently applied to cvs and walgreens as well so hope it works out
Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 3:45 pm  Asa
I barely go to CVS or walgreens because they have too many interesting items, like all those things you see on t.v. it's better for my wallet.

I think Disneyland is fun, but not really as much during the summer when you have to wait in like 40min-1hour lines. And Disneyland really rips you off for food. But it does
sort of have that magical element going for it. Some of the rides are fun and if you go when they do fireworks it's a lot better.

Actually Shiho was talking about Disneyland in Japan, she said it's really crowded, but I think they have more interesting food there. They have a lot of the same rides.

I really want to go to Harry Potter Land next.

Some of like the cheese and stuff I can only eat at home, cause I'm too poor to buy for myself.
At like well for me The Nugget, but I think my parents shop at Berkeley Bowl or things like Whole Foods.

Seriously I shopped at The Nugget for a while and have converted to like Safeway and stuff because really the stuff is a lot cheaper if you're making
just one stop.

If you ever come to Norcal I can tell you good foods!!

I am trying this funky monkey stuff ... its like freeze dried fruit ... it's so good.

My next blog entry is going to be this planning thing I'm trying. I plotted out like 5 large meals and some smaller ones for the week and today I went and shopped.
I went to the Nugget so I think I could have saved some money elsewhere - but I was in the area and didn't feel like reparking somewhere else.

Anyway I'm going to post that later w/ recipes if I'm not lazy and by the end of the week I'll see.

I shopped for two people so its like $100.00 a week if I do it this way, which is actually like ... $50 a person/wk ... around 6 something per day?
We'll see.

Good luck on getting the job!! Don't buy too many chapsticks ...

Re: It's been a while ...
Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:03 pm  Kanaka
That's true. Only reason I want to work there is because I plan on getting into pharm school after my year off or 2.
It makes sense to work at a pharmacy related store.

I'll have to make a road trip someday. Maybe during that year off, I may swing by Cali or something Very Happy

Food for me has been really cheap stuff. I make huge batches of spaghetti and eat that over the course of a week.
And in between, lots instant noodles/ramen haha. I also make lots of eggs and toast cuz I can't fail at that.
Working on expanding my horizons sometime!
re ramen
Post on Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:32 am  Asa
Yeah, eating that sort of food is just a lot easier. Cooking is really time consuming especially like well balanced meals. Since I can't have gluten anymore it sort of forced me to try and cook, so I made this like gluten free omelette thing. I'll post it up later today, it was pretty easy and like your spaghetti I'm pretty much just going to eat slices of it throughout the week. I used spinach but you can probably just use any cheese and vegetable combination. I'll post it later.

Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
Re: It's been a while ...
Post on Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:42 am  Kanaka
Ok, no more spaghetti for me. At least no more me cooking Italian sausages.
I made some and my 2 roomies and I ate it and we all had tummy aches...
I FAIL!!!!! T_T

I'll just stick to my eggs and toast and noodles and spaghetti sauce... sigh.
Ham sandwiches and pb sandwiches too if those count.

Why can't you have gluten?! What did I miss out? Sad sad news to me, sorry.
Re: It's been a while ...
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It's been a while ...

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