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 So like yooooo

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PostSo like yooooo

My friend told me to try this visual novel, and since I never tried it I had time to spare. It's called Swan Song and I fucking 100%'d it in 1 sitting. I never really liked VN's with HCG, neither does my friend but he made an exception for this one.

It has some ero (not much, if anything the VA moan's was somewhat stimulating but let's keep that to ourselves) in it but, it's not really out of place. The story is incredibly well written with very good voice acting and characters, except for... well you can find out.

Anyways a short synopsis (written by your's truly, I do believe my English is amazing)

You see through a college kid who walks out for a drink in the middle of the night, then shit hits the fan. A massive shitstorm (blizzard) approaches and the biggest earthquake ever occurs. Everything is destroyed and you managed to survive with minor injuries. Looking for means to survive, you head back to your apartment to scavenge whats left of your room to make preparations for survival and head to dedicated shelter near an elementary school. Along the way you hear a woman's cry (with your super hearing) and rummage through the rubble to save her ass, little did you know she's severely wounded and leaves her final wish with you. And that is to take care of her autistic sister (I called her retarded the first time, I'm so going to hell). Taking her along with you, you deem it too dangerous to travel through the storm and seek shelter nearby where you then find a church. To your surprise someone else is already here who was also searching for a place to stay. Shit happens and 3 more people join and their struggle for survival begins.

There was a "good" and normal ending for this game, and I have to say that the normal ending is 10/10 for me. It was a serious mindfuck with bat shit crazy things going on, truly a work of art.

Torrent here : http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58648&pagenumber=
English patch here : http://yandere.gray7.com/?p=925 (instructions on the site)

Edit: Oh and just in case you do play. Please, don't act like a beast.

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So like yooooo :: Comments

Re: So like yooooo
Post on Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:11 pm  Kanaka
Oh shit. You got into a VN. ROFL.
Shig, this is up your alley, no? ^^

I went through my phase of VNs, graphic or ero in nature or whatever, so no worries there.
But I agree, you wouldn't believe it but some of them have really great story plots.
I also think your summary was short and sweet and quite to the point.
I'm tempted to try this one too even though I hardly have time for anything ever anymore.

Anyways, I'll have to give this a shot sometime and perhaps I'll get back to ya Wink

P.S. - yandere also translated this one shit called Sengoku Rance.
Yes, its nature is a bit... much but the concept of the game in itself was awesome.
Any of you played Advance Wars and shit like that?
Fucking A. Its like that with stuff but awesome Very Happy
Re: So like yooooo
Post on Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:16 pm  Katylin
I sent shig a few quick messages about it, all he does is "I see. I see." Must be a faggot.

Anyways yea, my phase of VN has come I guess. About to start my next one called Ever17, another one thats food for thought, we'll see how it goes.
Re: So like yooooo
Post on Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:37 am  Kanaka
I hope everyone is mature, and if you're not, shove a weiner up your butt Very Happy
But truthfully, disclaimer for those who have naive and innocent minds and eyes, don't click the bottom link.
Disregard the hentai stuff and if you actually get into the story, there are LOTS of good games out there.

Must register an account first.


Only games I really recall playing are Kira Kira and Fate Stay Night. Both good stuffs.
sounds good
Post on Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:51 am  Asa
sounds interesting - i'll have to go google visual novel first though ~

kana what have you been up to.
Re: So like yooooo
Post on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:03 pm  Kanaka
school, school, school, working out, school, applying for jobs, school, school

Actually, I saw Rush last Saturday Very Happy
Still in shock about how expensive my getaway to DC was a few weeks ago...
Definitely still feeling it haha. Drinking quite a bit more now that I can go buy my own >.>
Cutting down because test week has come and I am dead tired.

Pretty much sums up my life as of late.

How are you, Asa? School starting back up if I recall correctly ya?
Post on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:28 am  Asa
It's pretty much horrible, well not really since I'm only doing two days a week.

Wake up at 6:00am, go to bus, go to class ... go to class ... go to class ... bus ... sleep for next four days ...

My school is doing that screwy thing where they add classes to the requirements in order to generally screw you over and prevent you from graduating while
telling you it's all for your benefit. :/

I hope you get your pharmacy related job. You should tell me how pharmacy goes and all ...

I've been in a tea craze ... which also means I've been buying lots of different honey in search for the perfect jar to go along with my tea.

I really like my children's lit class, except for all the obnoxious english majors who won't let me enjoy
my twisted disney folk stories ..

I might post a couple up if I can find them cause the original stories are a lot more interesting than the disney ones.

for a really twisted little red riding hood read The company of wolves -

for a generally twisted story read blue beard ... very disturbing stuff.

anyway = i'm so tired ... and my back is broken.

looking up northon anthology of lit and the riverside chaucer for insight to why my back is broken.

Re: So like yooooo
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So like yooooo

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