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 Interesting Conversation Topie - Topic

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PostSubject: Interesting Conversation Topie - Topic   Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:24 pm

So yesterday in my English class we were talking about different views of theatre from times of Antiquity, i.e. Plato, Artistotle, etc. Horace.

And I was wondering what most people thought about themselves. I have thought before about if the stuff I was watching was influencing me to
be a certain way or creating an ideal. Basically was it doing me good or bad. And of course there is a difference in what you watch. Like some FX show versus
some kiddy anime. But you know most people like a specific genre and I was wondering what people thought about the different views
of theater in Antiquity being related to our more modern version of general television watching etc.

Plato who wrote The Republic etc. Had two arguments about theatre
1. mimesis he had this whole theory on how everything we see is a reflection of its real form. So theater was just another level of watering down reality.
And as a philosopher he was interested in truth, and he thought theater and such was deceptive. He thought people wouldn't be able to tell
reality apart from play. He also believed tragedies could stir up peoples' passions and non virtuous feelings.
2. Passions which is sort of what I said about the feelings being stirred up.

Then this is Aristotle, who famously wrote the poetics
He wrote about Fulfillment, Inchoate, which is like an embryonic form of something, not yet fully realized. Anyway he viewed theater
as a way to see ideals and perfection and good virtue and be able to project that into our real lives. Like seeing someone in an anime
working hard towards their dream, doing a good deed, being above outside influences etc. can make us better people.
His second point was Katharsis, or a release of emotions by living through someone else's experiences.

Then there is Horace Ars poetica etc.
He thought of theater as able to delight and instruct people, and generate good feelings making us more moral human beings.
I think in terms of modern thinking this is similar to viewing television etc. as entertainment that lifts our spirits up.

I think most of the time I want to believe media can be idealistic and make people better, but I think that has a backside. Because in Children's lit we learn
a lot about why there is so much violence etc. in a lot of folklore and children literature and some argue that if we live in feeling that others are perfect
we view ourselves as monsters and can't act out our natural feelings to good ends and instead you know end up being serial killers
or rapists etc.

I don't know, if anyone was bored I like to update the forum every so often with some reading material to pass the day.
Something people can talk about if they want and be trolls and flame me if they want too. Embarassed Embarassed

Must drink more coffee ~ I stayed up till like three reading, got up at six for the bus - it was freezing cold then and I had goosebumps in the a/c classrooms
but I know I'm going to be melting later in the heat and lack of shade around campus. Just long strips of open sidewalks with no cover.
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Interesting Conversation Topie - Topic
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