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 has anyone seen this?

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PostSubject: has anyone seen this?   Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:55 am

so i was lurking and there was a discussion about this anime, anyone seen?

sounds pretty interesting, cause it definitely does appear to be about little girls dancing, but yea.. its supposed to suprise you

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PostSubject: anime anime   Tue Dec 28, 2010 5:33 pm

That's why I can never tell from that anime chart anymore how the anime will actually be.

I ended up liking the retarded stuff I swore I would hate and hated the stuff that appealed to me >.>

I'm sort of off anime lately because of stuff like Star Driver, which to me had a lot of potential but was sort of lazy otherwise.
Sort of like the dramas that just rely on cool stuff and not really any real story drive.

Side note: Just finished watching True Blood season three, season four doesn't come out till Summer 2011 >.> I'll have forgotten about it by then.
It does have a lot of explicit parts but by the end of season one I was actually really interested in how the story was going to develop and what would
happen to the characters. Even though by season three I thought most of the main characters were a little annoying and schizo, all the side characters (until they
got their own stories) are mostly cool.

Sleepy >.> but I've got to start waking up earlier for class ... I start again next week >.>
where did my winter break go Sad
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has anyone seen this?
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