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 Pervert pt.2 school girls

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PostPervert pt.2 school girls

some reason it wouldnt let me upload ... so i moved over to a new topic.
maybe it knew my ill intentions to get girl uniform pictures.

last time i went to japan the town knew i was an international sort of person, how to say yeah ambassador
from sister city, but this time i'm just a tourist so I have to take uniforms
in secret.

oh a girl's generation mr. taxi commercial was just on ha.

haha an aoi no exorcist commercial was just on ... i was like that sounds familiar

I thought this was funny ... yah nvm still posting it ha.

okay ... i see i need to take better pictures >.>
my actual camera pictures are so much bigger so I like using my iphone for forum pics >.>

Anyway I'm super sleepy ... yawn yawn.
time to nap.

oh i didn't get any photos this morning of breakfast.
seriously i can't eat so much rice ball and salad and stuff in the morning ...
i ate the pan ha >.>

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Pervert pt.2 school girls :: Comments

Re: Pervert pt.2 school girls
Post on Sat May 28, 2011 3:13 am  shigetsu
keep those photos coming =D

need moar school girls you know drunk
Re: Pervert pt.2 school girls
Post on Sun May 29, 2011 8:04 am  Asa
shigetsu wrote:
keep those photos coming =D

need moar school girls you know drunk

I kknow right, but actually most of the school girls have like skirts down to their knees and not cute like leggins. I saw one girl today who had her skirt super high but I felt
like she's the type who would turn around and ask if I was taking her picture ... plus there were people behind me ... >.>
Re: Pervert pt.2 school girls
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Pervert pt.2 school girls

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