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 Hiroshima Okonomiyaki not an exciting update

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PostHiroshima Okonomiyaki not an exciting update

... hahaha ... some really weird commercials are on righ tnow.

Oh Bleach is over ... already.

Anyway ... yawn.

Just hanging out in Matsuyama. We've been training all over the place ... I didn't even know I've been going to different Islands. I was asleep when we crossed the bridge. I guess
we're on Shikoku right now, which is a different Island from Hiroshima, and we'll go to another Island the one Tokyo is on.

I'm planning our Tokyo part of the trip and I already warned them they will have to sit through cute girls calling them goshujinsama ... I wonder what they call women ... I'm not sure
the exact equivalent. They can just call me master. Haha. I'll have to do some research though because last time I only got a flyer for girls to come to your party or some home service.

ramen holder guy ... too bad I just use my fork.

actually pretty cheap

after eating Hiroshima okonomiyaki ... I think I'll stick with normal stuff because it is just so big and crazy >.>
I feel sort of rude leaving food cause they have no doggy bags but yeah ... Sad
This is like a four story place called okono mura, like 27 okonomiyaki shops, it sounds a lot more interesting than it is.

i mean it's pretty good but yeah it's just a building with a ton of shops.

matsuyama is sort of famous for oranges or mikans, though I'm pretty sure it's oranges.
Delicious orange juice wow.
This is an orange, both summer and normal with a bit of salt icecream.
They sell this sweet salt there, it's pretty freaking amazing.
I was just eating the salt >.> like wow I'm goign to get a stroke but yeah

There were a lot of cute girls in Kyoto's like city areas. But in the smaller areas the looks sort of digress though ... everyone everywhere wears fake eyelases
like even the people working at the desk. I don't know I tried to put them on one time but like ... putting glue on your eyelid I don't know ... but yeah.

Ooh a good show is on ... never mind I think it's a detective show ... and it's like some perverted guy hitting on young girls.
I see this theme a lot on television ... >.>

GOSH I guess that freaking Bleach is super old
I'm like anime deprived IN JAPAN.

Anyway going to this Takayama place my grandma loooovvvesss ... might be pretty boring. We're staying at a Ryokan with like a bunch of onsens and traditional breakfast and dinner
I swear I'm fish deprived ... my grandma doesn't like fish ... and Japanese restaraunts are like ... specialize in one thing ... so we haven't been getting fish a lot.
GAH .. so instead of the fish set which looks delicious I think we all get beef Sad maybe I can change.

Anyway at the beginning of the trip I was sort of nice and said excuse me when people walked by me, now I think my shoulders have gotten sort of broad
and I just hit people back ha.

Anyway .. got to go research Tokyo stuff to do.

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Hiroshima Okonomiyaki not an exciting update :: Comments

As much as I enjoy your pics of food and such, I wouldn't mind you putting up images of cute girls neither.
Just saying gjjj
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Post on Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:39 pm  Asa
Kanaka wrote:
As much as I enjoy your pics of food and such, I wouldn't mind you putting up images of cute girls neither.
Just saying gjjj

haha just put up some questionably cute girls. ! even before I read this post.

But if anyone goes to Japan I think they'll see what I mean when I say there are TONS of cute girls, dress cute etc.
But, but, a lot of them are like really covered in make up, this like rosy pink blush, circle lenses ... fake eyelashes.

But yeah you guys would probably still enjoy the girls ha.

Anyway go check out my maids in Akihabara post.

Actually after 2am ... the televisions all turn to like gravure model adds ... I won't say what else but I like left the tv on took a bath came back
and was lke wth ... at least my grandma was asleep >.>

All in Akihabara she was like, so many cute girls, ... I didn't feel like telling her what most of them were tryign to sell haha.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki not an exciting update

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