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 Takayama and some unique foods

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PostTakayama and some unique foods

Actually I've been more adventurous with food than normal but I still can't really eat everything >.>
It's actually pretty vacant everywhere we go because of the nuclear situation. I'm in Shizuoka right now which is about an hour away from Tokyo.
Then in a couple days we'll be in Tokyo then I'll be home.

Actually I'm looking forward to going home because I don't think I can eat any more Japanese food. It's like eating at a Japanese restaurant every day >.>
Today for dinner I ordered pizza >.>


Takayama is sort of a mountain village and I stayed at a Ryokan that served kiseki breakfast and dinner. They set out futons, etc. And they had two onsens. Since we were pretty much
the only people there I just went in by myself like three times a day >.>

Anpan man train! I rode it it was sort of slow compared to others ha but pretty nice inside.

To get to Takayama we had to take two, two hour trains to Nagoya then another two hour train up to Takayama >.>
It's really pretty but yeah ... :/
I pretty much have been spending all day in trains.

If you have an asian place nearby I think it tastes pretty much like the ones I've had at home.

Though I really like the katsu sandwhiches from the stations.

Bento from the station.

Sarubobo, a charm grandmother's make for their grandchilren to bring health and happiness. He's all over Takayama.

Hanasaku Iroha, but old women style hahah.

Pretty Yukatas we got to wear aronund

Is this the crab picture? There was ... crab, sashimi, etc. And a lot of like small dishes. They had a lot of regional dishes like cooking over leaves on those small individual
sort of how to say you light the fire underneath.

One thing is that sashimi all over is pretty good. Though I really only like maguro ha.

These were interesting. Japan has like an obsession with jellies. This is like a mixes soba thing which you mash up and eat. It's liek soba that has been made into a gel sort of thing >.>

First onsen

I pretty much sat around in this really large room all day watching tv, eating, and taking baths. Although they put away my futon >.> so I had to just sleep on the tatami floors.

An intereting sort of miso mixture.

This place was sort of known for its hida beef. Really tender but not really fatty in my opinion.

wow this was tofu but tasted like soft serve.

Today I am like literally almost staying on top of the Shizuoka station. There's this Parcle, or how to spell department store. I hung around until near closing time
when everyone sort of rushes in after work to pick up all the old stuff! Some stuff was so cheap, especially the bakery had a long line.

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Takayama and some unique foods :: Comments

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Takayama and some unique foods

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