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Like I was typing before when the computer horribly changed screens and erased all I had written, if anyone finds themselves in San Francisco at Cliff House, just skip
the buffet brunch and go for the normal restaurant.

Some pro pictures of food, ha, not. The Iphone camera has gotten like worse over time.
I'm holding out a super long time for the Samsung Galaxy, whenever it makes its way over to AT&T!!

by Asa - Comments: 3 - Views: 426

Hm, Made some excellent fish tacos, they're seriously good and I get the Talapia from Costco, and toritllas are super cheap so they're just in my freezer when I'm not using them and then
cabbage! So it's not that bad. Oh and a thing of beer, but you guys are all drunks so that shouldn't be a problem right ha.

I use the allrecipes.com recipe for the fish tacos and of course add a nice serving of sracha sauce on top of it all (not noted in recipe if you type in fish tacos recipe in google
it's like the 2nd choice.)

by Asa - Comments: 3 - Views: 234

Anyway here are my final cute girl pics. They're all blurry cause obviously I'm not yet a good enough stalker >.>

I'm like a timid stalker .. :/.

Asa's Food Blog! P1030910

by Asa - Comments: 4 - Views: 241

Anyway to just wrap up my three week long adventure in japan I'll just be uploading some randomally interesting photos and eventually uploading
my collection of girls from Shibuya, which i took because somebody asked for more pictures of girls.

Here's some at that .. kiyomizudera

Asa's Food Blog! P5300510

by Asa - Comments: 3 - Views: 220

Well let me just say. It's a freak show. I managed to go into a maid cafe, of which there are so many that basically every few feet
a maid will bombard you with some flier. Some of them for pervy massages ... which they wouldn't even give me (the flier) initially because
basically they were only handing them out to the men.
Went into a maid cafe, not the one I wanted but that was literally impossible to find from the person online's crappy instructions.
1.No physical touching
2. No pictures
3. No asking for personal info ...
it was so seedy i felt like...
by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 220

Actually I've been more adventurous with food than normal but I still can't really eat everything >.>
It's actually pretty vacant everywhere we go because of the nuclear situation. I'm in Shizuoka right now which is about an hour away from Tokyo.
Then in a couple days we'll be in Tokyo then I'll be home.

Actually I'm looking forward to going home because I don't think I can eat any more Japanese food. It's like eating at a Japanese restaurant every day >.>
Today for dinner I ordered pizza >.>


Takayama is sort of...
by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 223

... hahaha ... some really weird commercials are on righ tnow.

Oh Bleach is over ... already.

Anyway ... yawn.

Just hanging out in Matsuyama. We've been training all over the place ... I didn't even know I've been going to different Islands. I was asleep when we crossed the bridge. I guess
we're on Shikoku right now, which is a different Island from Hiroshima, and we'll go to another Island the one Tokyo is on.

I'm planning our Tokyo part of the trip and I already warned them they will have to sit through cute girls calling them goshujinsama...
by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 214

So if anyone visits Japan and decides to do tour stuff the Castles are a lot more interesting. It was like a maze and has all these really cool features to keep enemies out ha.
The shrines and temples have really nice gardens though.

Anyway took Shinkansen from Kyoto to Hiroshima, well stopped at Himeja in the middle.
Tried some train food, I mean like Eki (train station food)
It really depends on train station ha.
I had this super fresh sandwhich and then this pretty horrible bento.

Anyway today was a matsuri, festival in Hiroshima, omg. Sometimes...
by Asa - Comments: 3 - Views: 227

A really nice place to walk around, and the kids sort of just walk around so they aren't going around in huge mobs.
The monkey park was pretty great though literally you walk 30 minutes straight up >.>

Then later we went to the Gion area in Kyoto which to be honest is a little seedy but I found a surprise there which was worth it!!

I met my friend ... who well I did this sister city exchange and I met these two girls there.
But Shiho came to stay at our house and just recently she came and stayed again a year ago.
So since she is living in Kyoto right...
by Asa - Comments: 1 - Views: 190

I think if someone else goes to japan I can tell you what I thought was worth doing and what wasn't.

Here are some of the phrases I learned today:

His Jokes ha:
1. not only cars, but Japan should export people too. There is about half of U.S. population in what is the size of California. In ginza for like a 3 by 3 foot space it is around 400,000
us dollars for a shop. >.>
2.You guys probably complain about mowing the lawn, but only rich people in Japan can say they mow their lawn, because only rich people have a lawn,
then he says, "I...
by Asa - Comments: 4 - Views: 234

Today, well I was so tired because one episode of Parks and Recreation turned into like five or six, so I went to sleep at like 2 or 3am. And then ... my grandma
like woke me up this morning by asking me if I slept well, by basically hitting me on the head >.>. Like yosh, yosh, yosh ... hope you slept well but it was to me being
sort of violently waken up. We had to eat then walk to the meeting point for this 10 1/2 hour tour. To be honest places like Nijo Castle, etc. Imperial Palace, the biggest
thing to me was watching the guys garden the grounds. They pick off the...
by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 220


so tired and it's only like 930pm in Japan >.>

oh the first one is a sample breakfast, buffet style.

Asa's Food Blog! Photo-10

Asa's Food Blog! Photo-11

kawa -...
by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 219

Hm .. I've been waking up at like 5am lately, my grandma wakes up at like 3 am so yeah I suck at life. Then I sort of roll around or watch tv, but like there aren't nearly
as many commercials as when I watch at home. Like I have to wait SO LONG just to see some commercials.

Anyway mostly what I did today was kiyomizu tera, is that one word who knows. I was more interested in the amount of shops leading up to the temple and the
shops inside the place selling charms. I got a safe traffic one, because I've been getting into a lot of car accidents lately, and a sort of over...
by Asa - Comments: 1 - Views: 231

It was raining so hard all day so for like the first half of the way I was doing this dyeing thing which actually came out really cool. It's called shibori or something and
actually it's really tedious >.> I made the mistake of doing a bunny, a rose, and a lot of rose petals, and a crescent moon. I had to individually sew around the outline of all of those
then do this sort of complex tying process. Basically everyone else was done and I was crying over still wrapping my stuff. But I think it was worth it though I dipped my hands
into burning hot dye for like 10 minutes....
by Asa - Comments: 1 - Views: 230

some reason it wouldnt let me upload ... so i moved over to a new topic.
maybe it knew my ill intentions to get girl uniform pictures.

Asa's Food Blog! Img_1841

last time i went to japan the town knew i was an international sort of person, how to say yeah ambassador
from sister city, but this time i'm just a tourist so I have to take uniforms
in secret.

by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 260

Sorry ... about the tilting thing I'll try not to >.>
But yeah in the city I started noticing there were some groups of school girls so I was trying to get some pictures ...
which made me seriously start to feel like a pervert ... like getting a good angle and etc. sort of hard ha. I have like
a new respect for real perverts getting pictures without noticing.

Anyway today was my first day, I woke up at like 6:30 AM this time. It's really rainy but like ... when I see gray skies I expect it to be cold.
It was a creeping sort of warmth everywhere I went....
by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 271

Asa's Food Blog! Img_1710

Curry Dinner set in Economy Class JAL
The soba noodles were actually good, the curry was like ... really bland >.>

Asa's Food Blog! Img_1711
side note the haagen daaz...
by Asa - Comments: 3 - Views: 330

Asa's Food Blog! Img_1310

seriously insane crab nachos at Joe's Crab Shack, but I'm pretty sure I can only eat them once a year.

Asa's Food Blog! Img_1311

This was their new like grilled on the open...
by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 238

I almost finished and I pressed a button and it reset my entire page >.>

Freaking A!!


All my witty comments and joke about fun is lost >.> chow fun >.>

Okay I'll go backwards! I've been eating gluten and got blood tested and am okay, I just have Gerd among other stomach sensitivity problems >.>

I'm pretty sure I didn't do a Brix post, it's this place up in Napa which is nice. If you're in the area with a girlfriend or bf, it's nice cause you can walk around. I went there before and the food was a little...
by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 229

So far I have cooked a few dishes on my list.

Okay so this is a baked omelette which was really easy to make and can be substituted with basically any vegetable cheese combination. I didn't buy gruyere like it said to so I only used
ricotta and Parmesan which sort of left it a little lacking. If you have bacon or ham you can put those in. And this is from a gluten free recipe so instead of rice flour you can use normal flour.

It's really easy and I'm eating it throughout the week.

by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 285

It's been a while since I updated my food blog or been on Atlantica for that matter. Shocked pale

The summer is almost over for me. I start school again this Thursday the ... 23rd? I'm trying to get a job at Macy's at the cosmetic counter or
retail area, though who knows how that will go. I get a 20% off discount (yea!). If I get the job.

Anyway - Shiho came over last week and on impulse we took a six hour...
by Asa - Comments: 5 - Views: 271

Actually after looking at all the food I eat, maybe I should be happy I'm not fatter? ha.

Asa's Food Blog! Img_2423
The thing I liked about this yogurt was how sour the yogurt was. Well ha, that is .. just not sweet.
So it went really well with the honey they drizzle on top. Except the bananas were so hard
I like mine more mushy.

by Asa - Comments: 6 - Views: 309

Asa's Food Blog! Img_2416

The best ones were the seafood salad looking one, and the broccoli of course, the lady even noticed me eating is so quickly that she brought me extra >.<. Can't hide my ravenous food habits.

Anyway, the potato is normally too sweet for my liking but they put these peppers on it, which made it SO good. Spicy. ya.

by Asa - Comments: 4 - Views: 297

Like a Star @ heaven

Little Caesars isn't the best pizza but if you're hungry and have $5.00 for a box of pizza.

Asa's Food Blog! Img_2310

And if you get kfc as well! Then it is a super meal gjjj don't worry I did two hours of...
by Asa - Comments: 1 - Views: 256

So I was talking to Steve the other day about high energy foods because lately even though I sleep my needed hours
I still feel really tired.

So we were talking about high energy foods that would be good to eat.


I found a website of them.

I was wondering if anyone else has foods they tend to eat when they want energy.

I am thinking of trying this...
by Asa - Comments: 2 - Views: 264

So I went to yakiniku, which is as usual yummy. I ordered the boneless shortribs, but I think the garlic steak is actually the most delicious.
They brought it out with this set of, green tea sea salt, or sea salt mixed in green tea, and some other stuff.
But actually I was just eating the green tea sea salt with my finger cause it was a really good combination ha.

The bimbap is pretty good, I like bean sprouts.

And at the bottom is this delicious icecream that i've been eating lately.
Another one to look out for is the taiyaki sort of icecream one, the...
by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 262

So I'm sort of a plain type of person when it comes to food, but yeah this place was pretty ... interesting/good. I actually only really liked a few things, but the drinks were supertastic.

I've been trying to recreate the lemon-mint soda drinks.
So far I tried make a mint simply syrup, by boiling 1 cup sugar 1 cup water, and adding the crushed mint so it releases the flavor.
I put this syrup like a couple of spoons, with fresh squeezed lemon, and diet 7-up. I think the restaurant uses flavorless carbonated water
by Asa - Comments: 6 - Views: 413

My recent favorite things are Pepperoni Lean Pockets! & ... actually slim fast does not taste gross, it is a little grainy and a bit thick, but it's like a darker version of milk chocolate ha. And it really doesn't leave you hungry. But I only drank one, so yeah.

Anyway, fried icecream ya ;0.

Asa's Food Blog! Img_0710

Okay so we decided that this is just like a hunk of icecream...
by Asa - Comments: 1 - Views: 286

Okay, I was actually too scared to try the slimfast drink ha. Since what if it tastes bad ha. Someone else let me know. It will be sitting in my fridge. But seriously Vegetable Italiano Progresso soup. {gj}
by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 253

I am too lazy to worry about eating well and gaining weight during finals ha. So I am going to try to just drink some slim fast drinks instead ha for like dinner or lunch.

On the other side here are some delicious food I've been recording {gj}.
I'll be drinking and thinking of some of these ha.

Asa's Food Blog! Img_0010

by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 271

Asa's Food Blog! P1000511
I didn't eat this bunny it's my bunny knocking over the bag of treats and trying to look inside to find some :[.
by Asa - Comments: 1 - Views: 286

Sushi!! <3 For informational purposes, I like one order of Sake nigiri & one order of Maguro nigiri, thanks.
Asa's Food Blog! P1000211

These are the delicious cupcakes I was talking about!
by Asa - Comments: 0 - Views: 267
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