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 Your cosplaying props.

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PostSubject: Your cosplaying props.   Your cosplaying props. EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 3:16 pm

I was about to post some of my Halo Props that I made, but then I felt like making a topic dedicated to anyone who wants to post their own props that they use/will use/meant for cosplaying. <8D
Well, here's mine, finished a mere hour ago.

Your cosplaying props. Handmade_Halo_Props_by_AVALON_000

Taken off my dA:

"Showing off my Halo-fanboyism, I finally managed to finish two of my props. The MA5C and the ODST Helmet
Materials used are: Paper, Cardboard, plexiglas, LOTS of glue.
Other stuff?: A small LED-light, metal spring & a microphone headset.

With the help of 405th forums pepakura designs, I made the MA5C Assault Rifle from Halo 3. (The model was an MA5B tho, due to the larger handgrip.
At first I failed at making the model, pretty discouraging, but I made another one and this time, filled it with cardboard, tedious, and I'm new to this. <8[ After that I simply painted it and left it in a corner for god knows how long. The ODST helmet hand a similiar fate too, I had no designs for it this time, so I did it from scratch XD.

After half a year, I finally got off my lazy $£&# and decided to plate them in plexiglas, not the brightest idea, given the dificult angles and shapes, but I finally pulled it off. But enough talk. Now commentary~~~

1. The helmet and the gun, what else to say? XD

2. The helmet, close up. not exactly the same as it is in the game, but I was on my own with this.

3. The MA5C. The designs were actually of the MA5B Model, which had a larger handgrip.

4. Front-view and the small Mag-lite that I happened to fish out of my box and slapped it onto the gun.

5. The small led-light that I put inside the rifle's cowling, I'm an idiot with electronics so I dont have the skills to make the digital ammo counter. <8B

6. A working charging handle. (Does nothing tho)

7. Lastly, the magazine itself, what else to say? o_O

--- Thanks for reading. <8]

Thanks to:
405th forums for the AR-designs.
My friends and fellow fanboys & fangirls that urged me on.
My thick headedness.

~~~~ Come on peepolz, post your stuff <8D
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Your cosplaying props. Left_bar_bleue1/1Your cosplaying props. Empty_bar_bleue  (1/1)
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Your cosplaying props. Empty
PostSubject: WOOT   Your cosplaying props. EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 4:16 am

i didn't make it but i love playing with it

i did make the mask though i'll post it 2m