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I almost finished and I pressed a button and it reset my entire page >.>

Freaking A!!


All my witty comments and joke about fun is lost >.> chow fun >.>

Okay I'll go backwards! I've been eating gluten and got blood tested and am okay, I just have Gerd among other stomach sensitivity problems >.>

I'm pretty sure I didn't do a Brix post, it's this place up in Napa which is nice. If you're in the area with a girlfriend or bf, it's nice cause you can walk around. I went there before and the food was a little nicer because they tend to do in season stuff and that sort of thing, growing the stuff in the back with the vineyard but during Winter it was sort of ... yeah, cause nothing grows.

I talked about how my tastes have been changing. I can't eat bowls of kimchi straight out of a jar or crave sashimi all the time. I think I got sort of sick of them >.> Though when I go to Japan I'm sure I'll refind some sort of love for sashimi - or not.

I went to Joe's crab shack today in Old town, I never used to like crab unless it was at Cliff house where its cooked in butter and covered in white sauce and served with a poached egg and sour dough bread.

Yawn. I go to bed early now because I don't eat after 8pm, just by being hungry I just retire so i can wake up and eat something >.>

Anyway I hope I'm not reposting any I went through and tried to see if I did, but I don't think so.

It's the soup of the day! I was really sick and it tasted really good ^^ I could eat good soup everyday if someone made it for me, hahaha >.>
I've pretty much given up on a life as a good cook :/.

When i got my first job at a bookstore I used to weekly, tri weekly ...., go to the market next door and pick up shrimp and eat shrimp cocktail A LOT. I haven't eaten it in a while, but omg, so good.
I think i stopped when someone told me it was super bad in cholesterol Sad. I used to think it was a miracle food ha.

You can make it at home, poached eggs are so good! I can't cook them myself yet, keep trying!
My brother got me this mini cupcake maker ha, >.> only for special occasions since I'm on an eternal diet Sad.

Omelettes! My cousin has a chicken coup in his backyard. He gave us some green eggs at Christmas! They do exist! I haven't tried them, but he said they're tastier than normal eggs.
He just finished High School and is taking a year off to travel around, like spend some months in Germany. I was actually relieved to hear this, because it's nice when people have the chance
to live life a little differently than the normal track. No one knows if any normal laid out path will lead to any certain happiness etc.

If you're in SF Japantown on a non-weekend day, why couldn't I just say weekday? from like 11am-3pm downstairs Bushitei has this coffee and cake. This was beet tiramisu,
which was less tiramisu and more just layered cake.

Black sesame pudding, I'm still not sure if I like this or not ha. It has a really strong aftertaste.

It had a really bad description but in my opinion ended up being the tastiest of the three. A kuri inside and some cream it was super good !!

OMG I just realized I'm hungry and it's an hour to 8pm. I went to the crab shack today but aoto gave our leftovers to this homeless guy with his dog >.>

Mango Pudding personal size! It was good, for some reason in the center more than other areas. I think i could eat desserts for 90% of my diet.

It's the dish full of hidden fun!! haha, cause it has fun underneath. Anyway that was my witty joke >.>

This is my recent dessert sampling at Brix >.> Just a little of everything. You have to be careful about carrot cake, it's extremely good Sad.

Fattest squirrel I've ever seen hahaha.

I so looked like a tourist ha. I was like OMG this is where Santa died in The Mentalist!

Chipotle caesar ... warm crab cake is nice. I didn't eat even 1/3 of it and now the homeless guy's dog is probably enjoying it Sad.

crabs not so bad

it's a candy store with a bunch of bins of taffy!

I wanted this dog a while ago. I wouldn't recommend dogs. They're like children who will never stop whining ...

I said goodbye to my very first own car in 2010. Sad.

Brix - chorizo and poached egg ^^ good combination

corn beef hash croquettes!!

I seriously never eat enough to make up for buffet prices but I do take advantage of free non alcoholic drinks, this time I had like 10 cups of coffee and we ordered other drinks like hot chocolate.
I think I'm going back for my 21st birthday so I can go wine tasting afterward!!

Not really a seafood person, everyone goes crazy for oysters ... I don't know why. :/

this was the first time I went, last time the leaves were all gone Sad.

bacon makes everything good

and sausage

I feel like I went a long time ago and posted these already. Oh well, they're all mixed in with my new Brix.

my plate

aoto's plate

Time to eat! It's almost 8 Sad.

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WOW I"M SO MAD!!! :: Comments

Post on Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:11 am  Kanaka
Your pics of the foods always look so.... exquisite. Are they fancy stuffs or not >.<
Post on Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:07 am  Asa
The funny thing was - the other day I was out drinking this super expensive hot chocolate, with these super expensive like quarter sized chocolates.
It was $16.00 and I was like, where did the money all go?
Then later for dinner I'm pretty sure I had a can of soup. (1.50, maybe 1.00 on sale)


I normally only eat well on other people's money >.>

Except when I fuel my recent crab addiction -
then it's Joe's Crab Shack !!

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