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 Sai's diet tips. Own progress too. [Caution]

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PostSubject: Sai's diet tips. Own progress too. [Caution]   Mon Aug 03, 2009 7:44 pm

Nyoro~n. Hiya'll, making this topic per request from Yumi.

The basic ideal of a diet is to lose weight, nay? No #### Sherlock!
Okay, so what I'm going to discuss here is how to lose weight. Given some tips, and my own progress, which I REALLY don't recon any of you do it, without my safety recommendations.

My tips, ordered in importance.
1. Be determined.
2. Exercise.
3. Be patient.
4. Eat healthy food.
5. Watch what you eat.

Those are the rules to abide to, they sound simple to some, but believe me, Ive been through HELL and BACK.
I am seriously warning you that this might be hazardous to your health, as I am missing vital information on how the body works. But this is how I roll'd and I feel healthy and strong and confident, no signs of physical damage or anything that might have been caused by my diet.

( 1 ) Be patient, you weight won't drop quickly, no matter what kind of diet your on, unless an unhealthy one. The effects of your diet will kick in approximetly a month, check your weight at the start, then at the end of the month.

( 2 ) Over these 3 years of my diet, I've noticed that daily exercise is good for you. Old info.
Well then, my own daily exercise is usually 80 Push-ups, and 80 Crunches. (A replacement for sit-ups, which is more effective. Its a sit-up that pulls your upper and lower body together)
The accompanying good feeling that you did exercise is benefitial for you and boosts your self-confidence, and keeps your body from degrading without exercise.
However, do not let this daily exercise I just said be your only physical activity. Seize EVERY chance to move, Throwing trash, using the stairs, walk etc.

-For guys, I recon push-ups and those crunches, they give us that "model" body.
-For girls, I dont know O_o, I still recon those crunches, they wont give you six-packs, I promise. (CUZ I DIDNT GET ANY) Find something thats rigorous suiting you.


( 3 )Eating, yes. Why are we on a diet? We are overweight cuz we ate alot something. (I guess O_o)
Avoid eating too much, if you eat 1kg a day, its ok and good. Thats what I do. The quality of the food is important too, avoid alot of fat and calories. Junk food. (Sniff, their still tasty)
You can check your food count by doing my method.

-In the morning step on the scale, usually you lose 100g-500g while sleeping, I think its the liquid vapor coming out from your breath, which was drank water. Which also contains some of the eaten food's liquid. (I guess O_o) [Dont try napping, actual sleep is the best for you.]

-Go eat, but try to limit your food consumption to approx 300g per meal, thats how I did it. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Those are the most important and vital. I eat three times a day. A snack once in a while, like a cookie or a sandwich. Dont forget water, It's VITAL.

-Check the scale each time you've eaten. [NOT RECOMMENDED, CUZ IT MIGHT MAKE YOU FEEL DOWN, IF YOU ATE OVERBOARD. But keeps you in check If you did it right.]

-AVOID SLEEPING AFTER EATING. Eating makes you sleepy, yes. But resist the urge, just do it. As the food you just ate will be absorbed instead and the 300g will remain IN you. About 2 hours after eating you may sleep though. You will have to do some hard work to remove that 300g.

-Food analysis. So 300g food. What kind of food? That is important too. Noodles are allright, even though they are 1kg per 2 packages of instant noodles, but the water's % is large in it, which means it will vaporize from your body easily during sleep. the noodles are approx 100g then. Noodles are a good way ^^, thats how I eat. (They're unhealthy at times though) Eat alot of variable meals, dont limit it to only one meal.

-FIGHT THAT URGE TO EAT WHEN YOU'RE NOT HUNGRY! ITS YOUR WORST ENEMY. I often run away from the fridge after opening it and putting my hand inside intent on eating something. T_T

-McDonalds, Pizza, Chips? Will you throw them away? No, you won't be throwing them away. You can still eat them, About once a week, or a month is fine. But only eat if you have lost a considerable amount of weight that you can spare for the new extra weight you will be gaining by eating them. My recommendations are this, junk food such as those are usually limited to 1 month for me, cola and other types of soda drinks are alright weekly, BUT DONT GOBBLE THE DARN 1,25L BOTTLE IN ONE GO, it will only make that excess weight to stick onto you easier and longer.

-Sweat, sweat and sweat, aslong as you sweat, its good. It will remove your weight, not by draining the water off you. But by burning the calories and whatnot you ate. Physical exercise is the BEST. Sauna's will do, but dont rely on it. It will be hazardous if used more than once a week.

-Go outside often, don't hide home. Yes, its terrible, we like computers. <8(
However, that doenst mean you'll have to be away from computer for a day. I still go on computer daily about 3h-5h. Just go outside when you got a chance.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END OF TIPS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sorry for the shortness and and inadequacy of my tips. But thats all I know >_<

So then, who wants proof? I got pictures, and believe me, you might be shocked ^^. (I was horrified how bad I looked back then.)

-SCROLL DOWN-- Bewarned

Me, October 2006. 7th Grade, picture cut off from my classphoto. UGLY! UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY! GOD, IT MAKES ME SICK >_< SERIOUSLY. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF?!
Well, to the bright side, scroll down some more for the current me ^^.

ME! ^^ Taken 8.2.2009, 3 Days ago I guess. O_o Thats my normal "mean look" attitude when taking photos of myself ^^. Why so serious >8(. Instead I'll smack a bunch of pics with me being <8D.

At first I was 103kg/226.6lb, 1,68m. 3 years ago. I was shocked and horrified by this and started diet the next day. Decreasing my usual food intake by 70%, which was just right.
Now I am 82.5kg/181.5lb, 1,76m. I am proud ^^, after 3 years of HELL. Im back and bad and rollin'

Me and my cousin! The only guy who ACTUALLY undestands how retarded I am, gets all my jokes. <8D (I think he's insane after all those bad puns T_T)

Last pic, me with the retarded face and my bestfriends around me + My WIDDLE Cousin ^^. She was bored tho, so she looks >8|, its so hard to get her to smile for the camera. Other guy got left out <8(, you can see his hand tho.

That concludes it, I succeeded. Im afraid of nothing. I climbed the highest mountain. Thank you for reading ^^.
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Sai's diet tips. Own progress too. [Caution]
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