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 What I did last night

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PostSubject: Re: What I did last night   Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:24 am

RiteAid, I've heard that come up plenty when doing research on pharmacy stores and whatnot. Yeah, none here in Texas as far as I know.

Overqualified and under-experienced. Enter paradox.

I don't know how people get hooked on smoking, like, necessary for survival type. I used to smoke with friends back when we drank a lot during parties more for a social thing.
Kinda helped my nerves and since I used to drink A LOT, it helped me fight the urge to dispense alcohol. Then I smoked recreationally these clove cigs. They were like candy.
You could find me pulling allnighters before exams and instead I'd just sit outside and watch stars while smoking a clove.
But yeah, smoking = bad. Don't do it. Or if you want to every now and then, just don't somehow get addicted to them.
I'm sure 1-10 packs a day = black lungs.
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PostSubject: what a i did last night   Thu Nov 03, 2011 7:25 pm

then again do everything in moderation right?
I remember that guy who got lung cancer or something cause he ate 10 bags of like microwave popcorn a day.
For like 30 years or something.
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What I did last night
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